Psychological Architectures: Winning Combinations of Psychological Principles 2

During this 2-hour workshop, you will learn foundational concepts in persuasive design, enjoy an overview of key principles, and understand how to build science-inspired technologies that blend creative insight with strategic thinking.

The secret behind successful websites is rarely a superficial design pattern that you can copy and paste. Rather, their secret sauce is something conceptual, their Psychological Architecture—the winning combination of psychological principles that influences how their users think and behave.

Join Brian Cugelman, PhD who will discuss Psychological Architectures and discuss the winning combinations of psychology that drive a wide range of design patterns. By the end of this session, you’ll understand how scientific, creative, and analytical experts can work together, to design higher impact technologies and campaigns.

This event, is derived from Cugelman’s full day workshop, learn more at


6:30 Arrival

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Winner of free ticket to Psychology for Digital Behavior Change Workshop @Cugelman’s  2 day #workshop #LA May 4, 5.  @Janette_Shew “@cugelman & @LAUXmeetup  There is no such thing as UX without psychology!”


Brian Cugelman, PhD

As a specialist in digital psychology and data science, Dr. Cugelman has trained experts from over 400 companies, to use psychology in order to build more effective websites, apps, and digital campaigns. Brian’s popular workshop on digital psychology frequently sell out, and he has received notable invitations to train teams at Samsung , Salesforce, and even the Pentagon asked Dr. Cugelman to educate their stakeholders on digital psychology. His scientific research is published in JMIR, the world leading scientific e-health journal. And through his consulting firm AlterSpark, Brian provides corporate and public training on digital behavior change, consulting support, and data science services for online consumer insight, marketing, and behavior change.

Instructor: Brian Cugelman, PhD | @cugelman

Organization: AlterSpark | @AlterSpark

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532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
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