Star Kimm’s 3 Tips for UX’ers | @xfishnet

Star Kimm has been smiling and dialing for over 20 years, enticing candidate to join companies that are out of this world. Star has worked at some of the best companies such as: Faraday Future, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, just about every Entertainment Studio and even more Start-ups all over Southern California. Star is a proud UCLA grad but dropped out of law school because, well the glove did not a fit. For more entertainment, look her up on linked in.

  1. As a recruiter, I work with hiring managers who emphasize the importance of having a publicly available portfolio online. We often use Dribbble and WorkingNotWorking to find UX/UI professionals. These platforms are easy to use which makes a difference in a busy world. It’s all about fast and friendly. If you aren’t using these sites, you should consider placing your work there.

  2. And, be sure to include a link to your online portfolio on LinkedIn and similar sites. Candidates often forget this.
  3. The #1 reason candidates don’t hear about open job opportunities is because their email addresses can’t be found. It should be front and center instead of treating it as a visual design element. So, double check your portfolio and profiles on WorkingNotWorking, Dribbble, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites to make sure your email address is prominent. Often, the career opportunity goes to the UX professional who has an easy-to-find email address and responds first with their availabilities. We work fast and furious so speed is the key. Want an edge over other candidates? This is it. Andale!