Interaction Design Foundation + The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup


Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) teams up with The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup

IDF’s Los Angeles Chapter and LA UX Meetup are joining forces in an effort to bring high quality UX learning opportunities and career advancing activities to Los Angeles UX professionals. The Interaction Design Foundation offers Ivy-League UX certificate courses to its members and the local chapter provides in-person opportunities to connect with UX professionals in the Los Angeles area.



Membership Benefits | Join IDF now – 3 months free

  • Comprehensive, instructor-led and instructor-graded online courses – beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Ivy League-level education in UX, Product Design and Human-Computer Interaction
  • All courses are free to members with no additional costs and no extra fees. No limits either.
  • Course materials are developed by leading practitioners as well as by academics from top-tier universities like Stanford University, MIT.
  • Course certificates issued by the Interaction Design Foundation are recognized by industry-leading corporations.
  • Membership provides in person opportunities to get to know local UX peers and pros and visiting UX thought leaders, speakers and authors. Be sure to form lasting relationships with members in our local UX community. It’s a part of managing your career.




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The Foundation’s Executive Board and top leadership ensure the courses are of the highest caliber.

Join the Interaction Design Foundation and make a difference in your career trajectory! It’s your responsibility to keep those UX skills sharp and not fall behind in this fast paced and ever changing field. Can you afford not to?