Jon Fox’s 3 Tips for 2017 on UX | @JonFoxUX

  1. As new designers enter the field of UX, it is increasingly important that they know that UX is often more of a business function than a design function. In order to succeed at not only the design aspects but in actually being a change agent for innovation in an industry, the designer must understand their role in the business a be able to drive business decisions that stem from user needs. 
  2. One of my central philosophies has always been that wherever a user (customer, consumer, candidate, etc.) and a brand intersect is UX. Whether working on a consumer application or enterprise software, the function of design thinking can have a broader impact on the operations of a company by including any user-centric disciplines. In this way, UX can not only improve the products that the customer uses, but also the culture of the company that develops the products themselves paving the way for increased hiring and retention, brand awareness and ultimately revenue. 
  3. In promoting yourself and growing your career, it is important to be able to tell your story and in order to do this, you must play to your strengths and focus on what you do well. If visual design is not your strong suit, don’t lead with it. Focus on what you are great at and have an opinion about why. Sell yourself on your core skills and use any opportunity to grow yourself in the areas that your are less proficient in – as long as they are of interest to you. Lead by example and show the complete picture of what you contributed.

Jon Fox


Jon is a Director of User Experience with over 20 years of experience working on digital products at tiny startups and large corporations. His work focuses on bringing an Agile design process to business strategy, bringing research and design methodologies that demonstrate the direct impact UX has on user satisfaction and business goals. He is a UX design leader, having managed and scaled teams throughout Los Angeles but has recently turned his eye toward the Northeast LA design community through NELAUX, a local meetup organization he co-founded. He regularly teaches and speaks on design thinking at local meetups and conferences across the country.