Newsletter, May 2015

It’s a great time to be a UXer in Los Angeles! There are a number of phenomenal events up ahead, so make sure you mark your calendars!



Conducting Competitive Research & Analysis: Informing the Strategy of Your Digital Product

Location: Webinar with

Date and Time: Tuesday May 19th at 11:00am

Cost: Free

Details: When building a digital product you need to learn as much as you can about your competition. You need to know what’s out there, what’s worked, and what hasn’t. Thorough research can provide insights into current trends and reveal outdated examples of mental models. These insights will inform your work and help you build a better, more useful product.

Balanced Team Salon Los Angeles

Location: Rhubarb Studios, 633 West 5th Street, #1400, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Date and Time: Wednesday May 20th at 6:30pm

Cost: $5.00

Details: The theme of this evening is “What is the customer’s role in a balanced team?”  The agenda is in your hands, so please bring your ideas. Balanced Team experts (from Kluge Interactive, Pivotal Labs, JibJab Media, and ABC) will be on-hand for those interested in learning more.

Interviewing Strategies: DTLA UX Study Group & Peer Mentorship

Location: BLANKSPACES DTLA, 529 S Broadway, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA

Date and Time: Wednesday May 20th at 6:30pm

Cost: Free

In this fast-paced and interactive workshop, participants will quickly learn and incorporate a framework for interviewing that takes out a lot of the guess work and promotes immediate confidence on both sides of the interview table. Through rapid exercises of about 2 minutes each, participants get immediate, immersive, and high-impact experience in self awareness for improved interview performance.


Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Location: Yahoo! 2400 Broadway Ave, Bldg D, 1st floor, Santa Monica

Date and Time: Thursday May 21st at 6:00pm

Cost: Free

Details: Ismael Herrera will provide an introduction to ‘what is assistive technology’, providing a brief history of a variety of devices used by persons with various disabilities. He will also speak on the assessment process used to determine the type of assistive technology needed by individuals with disabilities.


Future of Visual Language

DRAFT.LA by the Noun Project

Thursday May 21st at 7:00pm

Cost: Free

Join us on Thursday May, 21st in downtown Los Angeles for an enlightening panel discussion about the “Future of Visual Language.” Moderating the panel will be ethnographer and culture analyst, Sharon Ann Lee. Panelists include Able Paris, visual communication artist, Maritza Yoes, Social Strategist, and Yasmin Kahn, Graphic Design Professor at OTIS.


Evenings at the Loft with Kluge

Location: Kluge, 4133 Redwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Date and Time: Friday May 22nd at 6:00pm

Cost: $20 (Get 20% off w code LAUXLOVE)

Speakers include:

  • Jaime Levy, author of UX Strategy, How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want
  • Bud Caddell, founder of Nobl Collective, former SVP of Invention at Deutsch, speaker and author
  • Jeremiah Gardner, author of the Lean Brand


[UX design] Learn by Sharing: peer-to-peer projects review

Location: Techbow, 1000 Corporate Center Dr, Monterey Park, CA 91754-7600

Date and Time: Friday May 22nd at 7:00pm

Cost: Free

Details: In this session, we give each presenter 10-15 minutes to share the status of her/his project. This will include a quick presentation plus Q&A session. We encourage you to listen and learn but also give useful feedback to each other.


Idean UX Happy Hour in LA

Location: 1450 N Spaulding Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90046

Date and Time: Friday May 29th at 5:00pm

Cost: Free

1450 N Spaulding Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90046


Javascript 101

Location: Indie Desk, 816 S. Broadway Los Angeles 90014

Date and Time: Sunday May 31st at 12:00pm

Cost: $90

Details: JavaScript is the most in-demand skill in the tech field today! Get started with our JavaScript 101 class, designed just for beginners including UX designers who have some HTML experience.


Peer-to-Peer Design Reviews + UX Office Hours with I.K. Olomu

Location: BLANKSPACES SANTA MONICA, 1450 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA

Date and Time: Monday June 1st at 7:00pm

Cost: Free

We will be reviewing each-other’s’ work, providing helpful feedback and have an open discussion for a peer-driven conversation about  emerging UX developments and concerns. In addition, Ikponmwosa (I.K.) Olomu is offering one-on-one UX office hours.


Psychological Architectures: Winning combinations of psychological principles

Location: Rhubarb Studios, 633 West 5th Street, #1400, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Date and Time: Wednesday June 10th at 6:30pm

Cost: Free

Details: Join Brian Cugelman, PhD who will discuss Psychological Architectures and discuss the winning combinations of psychology that drive a wide range of design patterns.


UX in a Nutshell

Location: BLANKSPACES SANTA MONICA, 1450 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA

Date and Time: Saturday June 13th at 1:30pm

Cost: $28

Details: Want to learn more about “User Experience” Design? Take a 2 hour “Introduction to UX” with Noel Saw. We’ll cover a lot of the basics of what “UX” is and what it’s not. UX is a popular buzzword these days in the tech and startup world, but what does it really mean? And how does “UX” work?


Jose Caballer’s CORE 2: Advanced Strategy Workshop

Location: Santa Monica

Date: Saturday & Sunday, Aug 1st & 2nd

Cost: $2,399

$100 Discount Code: lauxmeetup100

Details: The CORE 2: Advanced Strategy Workshop is two days of hands on activities for designers who want to apply CORE strategy to their sales process, marketing, hiring and help better manage their teams.



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And finally, Downtown LA is becoming the next hotbed of Startups & Tech companies. So join us for an upcoming Downtown LA Tech Morning Coffee Mixer in May 28th. We’ll be at IndieDesk at 8 am sharp so join us for a cup of joe and some bagels.