Workshops Types

UX in a Nutshell (General Overview) 
“UX in a Nutshell” provides a comprehensive overview of the User Experience (UX) process as it relates to website and software development. This presentation shows the timeline, team roles, and tools used by many organization as UX “best practices.” If you’re a graphics designer, web designer, or digital project manager this course will provide a nicely condensed overview of “UX.”
During the 2-3 hour presentation, participants will get an overview of various User Experience processes such as User Research (inc. Personas, Journey Maps, and Card Sorting). We’ll have printable handouts ready to help new designers create User Personas and Journey Maps documents to help bring design teams onto the same page and have a great foundation for their project to build upon.
During the Tools segment, we’ll cover collaborative online tools that UX teams often use as Optimal Workshop, Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Optimizely, and even Dropbox. We’ll also lightly cover some popular UX design apps such as Axure and Adobe’s new Experience Design (XD) application.
We’ll also briefly cover accessibility, usability testing and conversion funnel optimization (A/B split tests).
The presentation deck shown will be available to participants. The last slide offers a list of strong “industry standard” reference materials such as books and websites for more research and studying.

Problem solving is one of the most basic roles we play as designers, and one of the first steps to finding a creative solution is to know the problem itself. David and Tom Kelly, of IDEO and Stanford D School, in their book Creative Confidence recommend keeping a running list of things that annoy. Rather then being an exercise in negativity it can lead to opportunities.

In this workshop you will examine Osborn method to frame or reframe a problem statement and solve for it. The workshop will use a contemporary mobile application “problem” as our example to go through the steps in the Osborn method.

This workshop include hands on sketching and group collaboration. In the hands on exercise you can bring your own problem/ App idea or example problem to work on.  All levels of UX designers are invited and will find this workshop helpful and productive.

The two workshops above can be made into one 5-6 hour single workshop with a lunch break.

Other Workshops Available

We’ve worked closely with our friends at the A/B Collective teaching people how to use one of the most popular UX design/prototyping tool called Axure. More information: